EntrepreneurSelf Erasmus+ Training Course

Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship: A Transformative Journey with EntrepreneurSelf

In the picturesque setting of Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain, the „EntrepreneurSelf” Erasmus+ Training Course unfolded from the 23rd to the 30th of October 2023. Organized by the dynamic Spanish youth NGO, EuroMuévete, this initiative brought together 26 passionate participants from 8 countries: Spain, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Türkiye, Jordan, Tunisia and Georgia.

The project was co-funded by the European Union programme.

About the Project

The primary objective of „EntrepreneurSelf” was to foster collaboration among youth workers and leaders dedicated to advocating for the significance of youth entrepreneurship. This collaboration aimed not only to develop their own business concepts but also to pave the way for international projects that connect diverse realities and share a wealth of experiences.

One representative of the Gutenberg Youth Organisation, as participant in this project, embarked on a transformative journey over six days, characterized by enthusiastic collaboration and personal growth. This initiative was a unique opportunity for dedicated individuals to empower young minds and promote entrepreneurial endeavors both nationally and internationally.

A Glimpse into the Future

The project aimed to equip youth workers with the skills needed to support young people in making their ideas a reality. Through case studies, best practices and concrete examples from across Europe, the participants gained valuable knowledge on entrepreneurship, digital technologies, success stories and the role of NGOs in supporting young entrepreneurs.

As the week unfolded, it became clear that „EntrepreneurSelf” was not just a training course; it was a journey of empowerment, collaboration and shared growth. The international team of youth workers left Benalmádena with enriched perspectives, armed with the tools and inspiration needed to champion youth entrepreneurship in their respective communities.

A Personal Commitment to Growth and Impact – Integrating Knowledge for Impact

Returning from the „EntrepreneurSelf” Erasmus+ Training Course, the Gutenberg representative was excited to apply the wealth of experience gained in the daily youth work of the organisation. EuroMuévete’s outstanding organization as host served as a benchmark and they infused their best practices into projects, elevating the quality of youth engagement.

Being active also in the field of youth entrepreneurship, the practical insights from the training directly will also help shape the daily professional work. The acquired knowledge in entrepreneurship, digital technologies and success stories will guide future decisions, fostering a more confident and strategic approach.

Beyond project development, the newfound network and contacts, coupled with insights into European Union principles and frameworks for different competences, will enhance the organizational and leadership skills – this positioning the organisation’s members to ideate and implement future youth projects within the Erasmus framework, contributing to cross-border collaboration and youth empowerment.

In Conclusion

The „EntrepreneurSelf” Erasmus+ Training Course was a beacon of collaboration, learning and empowerment. The initiative, expertly organized by EuroMuévete, succeeded in its mission to connect diverse realities and experiences, fostering entrepreneurial empowerment for youth workers. As the representative of the Gutenberg Youth Organisation reflects on the learning experience, the impact of this transformative journey will undoubtedly resonate in the future personal and organisational endeavors, shaping a new generation of empowered and entrepreneurial minds.

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